UCH AKC GCH VLA Bobev’s Wilhelmina Doppelt Liebe

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I decided that Rafe needed a playmate, so for his second birthday I brought Willow home. I fell for her when she was 3 weeks old and when I visited again at 7 weeks that was it, I was in love. When they did the puppy temperament testing, they said that she would be a couch potato that just needed to be loved, she was too shy to do anything. I think about that day every time we accomplish a new goal.

Willow and I entered the show ring when she was 6 months old. She finished her championship the weekend of her 1st birthday in New York, at the Wine Country Circuit. She turned around and had her grand championship a year later, all of this was owner-handler. In 2013 she was ranked #16 in the country, tied with her ½ brother Rutger. While in the conformation ring she earned her CGC, became a Therapy dog and earned her 1st obedience title. In 2014 she tried a paw at carting, earned two more obedience titles and her UKC championship. She is training for her Rally Excellent and Companion Dog titles. Please don’t think of Willow as a foo – foo dog, who only trains for titles. She loves to romp thru the fields, go on play dates, tease her brother, play in puddles, dig in the dirt and best of all she is a HUGE cuddle bug. Everyday she makes me smile, shake my head or laugh out loud, I know I’m owned and loved by her.


September 23, 2011


LPN 1: Clear N/N
LPN 2: Clear  N/N
LEMP:  Clear  N/N
Hips: Excellent
Elbows: Normal
Heart: Normal (Specialist, Echo)
Thyroid: Equivocal
Eyes: Normal (Tested 4/12/2014)


AKC Championship (CH) – 9/26/2012
Canine Good Citizen (CGC) – 3/2/2013
Beginner Novice (BN) – 5/12/2013
Therapy Dog (K-Pets) – 9/9/2013
AKC Grand Championship (GCH) – 9/18/2013
Rally Novice (RN) – 5/11/2014
Versatile Leonberger (VL) – 9/14/2014
Rally Advanced (RA) – 9/14/2014
UKC Championship (UCh) – 10/11/2014
Novice Draft Dog (NDD) – 3/29/2015
Versatile Leonberger Advanced (VLA) – 3/29/2015
Preferred Companion Dog (PCD) – 11/4/2017
Scent Containers Novice (SCN) – 7/28/2019