VLA Leodania’s Starwars Leia Organa RI SWN SCA CGC TKP

July 31, 2016 – May 22, 2024


Star Puppy – 1/7/2017

Canine Good Citizen(CGC) – 7/15/2017

Trick Dog Novice(TKN) – 8/7/2017

Trick Dog Intermediate(TKA) – 8/9/2017

Trick Dog Advanced(TKN) – 8/10/2017

Trick Dog Performer(TKP) – 9/27/2017

Achiever Dog – 4/10/2018

Rally Novice(RN) – 4/14/2018

Scent Containers Novice (SCN) – 10/06/2018

Rally Intermediate (RI) – 11/18/2018

Scent Containers Advanced (SCA) – 5/11/2019

Scent Interior Novice (SIN) – 5/11/2019

Scent Buried Novice (SBN) – 8/26/2022

Scent Exterior Novice (SEN) – 8/26/2022

Scent Work Novice (SWN) – 8/26/2022

Versatility Leonberger Advanced (VLA) – 8/25/2023


LPN 1 : Clear N/N

LPN 2 : Clear N/N

LPPN 3 : Clear N/N

LEMP: Clear N/N

Hips: Good

Elbows: Normal

Heart: Normal

Thyroid: Normal

Eyes: Normal

Skye was an unexpected surprise. I had been looking for a female puppy and had been on a few waiting list that just didn’t work out. I remembered seeing that Randi at Leodania kennels had 2 litters on the ground. It was a long shot since I was only interested in the one litter and they were 4 weeks old already. I exchanged emails and skyp’d with Randi, after a week or so she informed me that I was getting a puppy, time just flew from there!

Skye was a lovely puppy, her only fault was she LOVED to dig! She was always so well behaved.  Skye grew into a beautiful dog who loves scent work.

Skye had two beautiful litters, that I’m enjoying watching grow and bring love to their families.