Leodania’s Starwars Leia Organa CGC TKP RI SCA SIN

Skye was an unexpected surprise. I had been looking for a female puppy and had been on a few waiting list that just didn’t work out. I remembered seeing skye header2that Randi at Leodania kennels had 2 litters on the ground. It was a long shot since I was only interested in the one litter and they were 4 weeks old already. I exchanged emails and skyp’d with Randi, after a week or so she informed me that I was getting a puppy, time just flew from there!

Skye is a lovely puppy, so far her only fault is she LOVES to dig! She is so well behaved, no one believes that she is only 5 months old. It doesn’t help that she is weighing in at 81.2 pounds. Skye has completed and graduated puppy kindergarten and is signed up for basic manners and obedience.


July 31, 2016


Star Puppy – 1/7/2017
Canine Good Citizen(CGC) – 7/15/2017
Trick Dog Novice(TKN) – 8/7/2017
Trick Dog Intermediate(TKA) – 8/9/2017
Trick Dog Advanced(TKN) – 8/10/2017
Trick Dog Performer(TKP) – 9/27/2017
Achiever Dog – 4/10/2018
Rally Novice(RN) – 4/14/2018
Scent Containers Novice (SCN) – 10/06/2018
Rally Intermediate (RI) – 11/18/2018
Scent Containers Advanced (SCA) – 5/11/2019
Scent Interior Novice (SCI) – 5/11/2019


LPN 1 : Clear N/N

LPN 2 : Clear N/N

LPPN 3 : Clear N/N

LEMP: Clear N/N

Hips: Good

Elbows: Normal

Heart: Normal

Thyroid: Normal

Eyes: Normal