Bobev’s Rafferty Bundel von liebe CGC RE CD LTA THD

Rafe is my first Leonberger. The two times I went to visit the puppies prior to him coming home it snowed so bad that half way home we had to get a hotel room and wait out the storm. I joked that if was snowing when I picked him up, I would have to change his name to be something to do with snow! There were 22 puppies when I went to visit, the two litters were born 2 days apart, what a process trying to choose just one. I made lots of new friends on those visits, this is what they call your ‘Leo Family’ and to this day I stay in contact with all of them.

Rafe is the typical guardian dog, he just hangs out taking in the sights and sounds, you don’t know he’s there until he barks. Sometimes that trait makes me feel bad for the UPS man! Rafe is a therapy dog who enjoys his work at the nursing home and hospital, but prefers to work with children. Rafe is currently working on his carting skills and his open title, I know why they call this the ‘Heart Break’ class. Every time we’ve entered the ring he has done something different incorrectly! We took a small break and now we are back to training, hopefully, he will remember his name, how to come when called and how to jump! He’s a work in progress and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Rafe turned 8 in Dec 2017, we tried for his Open obedience title but he just wasn’t into it.  Going to class, working for an hour straight wiped him out for two days.  I made the decision to retire him.  He will still do Therapy work and we may try one more time for a carting title, he just needs to backup with the cart, he does everything else!


December 4, 2009

Health :

LPN 1: Clear N/N
LPN 2: Clear N/N
LEMP:  Clear N/N
Eyes : Clear


Canine Good Citizen (CGC) – 9/12/2010
Rally Novice (RN) – 12/3/2010
Therapy Dog (K-Pets) – 9/21/2011
Rally Advanced (RA) – 3/17/2012
Companion Dog (CD) – 3/17/2012
Rally Excellent (RE) – 6/24/2012
LCA Therapy Award – 3/7/2019
Therapy Dog Advanced(THDA) – 3/14/2019
Achiever Dog – 3/14/2019