CH Leodania’s Hope For New Kenya RN CGC TKN

They say things happen for a reason, I believe that. I was talking to Randi (the breeder) about getting a puppy in a year or so when she bred Haddock, Kenya’s dad, again. She informed me that she was done breeding, the two litters she current had were that last two! I wasn’t sure at first if I could do a puppy so soon, Skye is still a puppy! Of course I said I’d take a female and then the fun of deciding which one, there were 7 girls and 6 to pick from! Kenya is keeping me on my toes, she is a lovable handful who loves to dig! She loves to imitates the older dogs which made house training extremely easy. She loves to play with toys and her siblings. I believe that Kenya is going to be something special in whatever we do.

Kenya matured beautifully and her daycare called her the calming dog.  Kenya loves to do obedience so keep an eye out for her in the ring.

Kenya had two litters of puppies and was the perfect mom.  She still mothers Aspen & Moira all the time by cleaning their faces and ears.  She makes them behave but still plays with them.


September 25, 2017

Health :

LPN 1: Clear N/N

LPN 2: Clear N/N

LPN 3: Clear N/N

LEMP: Clear N/N

Elbows: Normal

Hips: Good

Heart: Normal

Eyes: Normal

Thyroid: Normal



Canine Good Citizen (CGC) – 8/18/2018

Trick Dog Novice(TKN) – 8/31/2018

Achiever Dog – 8/31/2018

AKC Championship (CH) – 8/10/2019

Rally Novice (RN) – 11/06/2020