CH Leodania’s New Hope for Kenya CGC TKN

They say things happen for a reason, I believe that. I was talking to Randi (the breeder) about getting a puppy in a year or so when she bred Haddock, KenyaKenya’s dad, again. She informed me that she was done breeding, the two litters she current had were that last two! I wasn’t sure at first if I could do a puppy so soon, Skye is still a puppy! Of course I said I’d take a female and then the fun of deciding which one, there were 7 girls and 6 to pick from! Kenya is keeping me on my toes, she is a lovable handful who loves to dig! She loves to imitates the older dogs which made house training extremely easy. She loves to play with toys and her siblings. I believe that Kenya is going to be something special in whatever we do. Please keep an eye on her page to see what she accomplishes.


September 25, 2017

Health :

LPN 1: Clear N/N
LPN 2: Clear N/N
LEMP: Clear N/N


Canine Good Citizen (CGC) – 8/18/2018
Trick Dog Novice(TKN) – 8/31/2018
Achiever Dog – 8/31/2018
AKC Championship (CH) – 8/10/2019