Corazon de Leon’s Aspen Whispering Pines

What can I say, she picked me! She was the pink collar girl from my ‘A’ litter and from day one she decided that she was staying. No matter where I was in the whelping box she would find me and sleep on or against me. Aspen is a natural at gardening or should I say excavating! I hope she soon out grows the digging holes in the back yard. She loves water and will start scent classes soon. Please keep an eye on her page to see what she accomplishes.





October 20, 2019

Health :

LPN 1 : Clear N/N

LPN 2 : Clear N/N

LPN 3 : Clear N/N

LEMP : Clear N/N

Heart : Normal/Clear

Eyes : Normal

Hips : Good



Star Puppy – 5/7/20
Canine Good Citizen (CGC) – 5/8/21
Tricks Novice (TKN) – 6/21/21
Tricks Intermediate (TKI) –  6/22/21
Tricks Advanced (TKA) –  6/23/21
Scent Container Novice (SCN) – 4/9/22
Scent Work Handler Discrimination Novice (SHDN) – 4/9/22
Therapy Dog (K-Pets) – 6/14/22