Welcome to Corazon de Leon Kennel

Mary and dogsCorazon de Leon Kennel is located in Newport, PA about 40 minutes north of Harrisburg. I am Mary Goodling and I fell in love with Leonbergers in 2007 while on vacation in Ireland with friends. We decided to attend a dog show while there; I never imagined how that day would change my life. I spent most of the day surrounded by Leonbergers from Leoking Kennels, and I was hooked. I thought what a beautiful complex big dog and was thrilled to have one enter my life in 2010.

My Promise to you 

All of my puppies are raised with gentle love and care in my home. Someone sleeps next to the puppies for at least the first 3 weeks of their lives to ensure the safest beginning possible. From day one, the puppies will be handled, getting them used to being touched all over their bodies and to having their nails trimmed. Early on the puppies will be introduced to numerous loud and sometimes scary noises. I will take them to new places in and outside of my home to get them use to different types of flooring and new situations. I will try to take weekly puppy pictures and videos to share with the new puppy families. The puppies are also socialized with my young nephews and my other dogs.

If you have questions about the breed do not hesitate to contact me, I love the breed and love talking to folks about the breed. Good luck in your search.